Australia is a tourist magnet with 8.7 million international visitors and 0.12 million national holiday goers, approximately. The country is famous for numerous travel destinations and equally for the availability of a variety of cuisines. Hence, people from all over the world and within Australia travel to not only visit certain places and partake in adventures but to savour the tasty Aussie cuisines. And, the best way to experience these cuisines is to attend food festivals in Australia that are attended by food lovers and have dishes presented by home cooks and commercial eateries. Here is your complete guide to some of the most popular food festivals in Australia.

Royal Queensland Show (Ekka)

Here is your chance to attend or be part of the biggest annual event of Queensland for enjoying farm produce and get to know about farm life. This festival goes on for ten days, and it is an agriculture fest that approximately attracts 0.4 million people. You can find a host of local, domestic, and international visitors there to enjoy the enormous food and farming festival. In addition, this festival is an excellent place for aspiring restaurant owners & entrepreneurs to learn about business opportunities in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and other popular cities of Queensland. If you attend the festival, don’t forget to taste the award-winning steak and strawberry sundae ice-cream.

Truffle Melbourne Festival

This festival is desirable place to be for true for truffle-lovers or people who are in the truffle growing business. Visitors can taste the best truffle dishes and desserts at the festival. In addition, restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs can showcase their best truffle creations. This festival is among the most renowned and longest truffle fest in Australia. Held at Westernport Bay, this event is conducted by the Truffle Melbourne at their farm Truffle Paddock. Don’t think you will only get to taste dishes and desserts from Melbourne only. This festival has dishes by restaurants and chefs across Australia.

Casino Beef Week

Held in May, this festival is an excellent opportunity for beef lovers to enjoy different types of beef dishes besides steak. The festival is conducted at the scenic town of Casino that an easy drive from other cities likes Brisbane and the Gold Coast. So, whether you are a tourist or an entrepreneur interested in exploring beef-industry business opportunities in Brisbane this festival is for you. You can attend this festival with family, friends, or alone.

Scenic Rim Eat Local Week

At this event, you can get a taste of products, harvest, drinks, and dishes by Scenic Rim’s producers and farmers. This festival is significant with over 90 separate events being held, including the harvest fest. Here you can savour natural fruit wines and beers, local delicacies, and communal lunches served on a long table. At this event, aspiring food business owners and chefs looking for business opportunities in Brisbane can learn about cooking and other aspects. Many famous local and national chefs attend this festival, and you can learn from them and eat their food as well.

Brisbane BBQ Festival

For BBQ lovers this festival is where you can taste some of the best barbeque dishes in Brisbane, Queensland, and all of Australia. Here you can find stalls by renowned restaurants, seasoned home cooks, and aspiring entrepreneurs trying to grab business opportunities in Brisbane. The festival is held in June for two days and mostly on weekends. It is family-friendly festivals with free entry for children below 18.

Ballina Food & Wine Festival

Conducted at the Rotary Club in Ballina, this festival is a fun event with loads of wine, ciders, craft beer, spirits, produce, snacks, dishes, and much more. The festival started in 2010 with locals and tourists taking part in it. Today, the festival is a huge event attended by famous chefs, has food by reckoned restaurants, and showcases drinks made by reputed brands, among other things.


Food festivals are a great way to know any city or country. It is essential as a tourist to taste the food of a place to have complete travel experience. So, whether you are planning to visit Australia soon or you are a resident, try to attend the festivals mentioned above when possible.