The Eastend Bar offers perfect dine & wine experience. Visit us and experience the largest variety of wines. Celebrate happiness & success with a glass of wine here. Western Australia is the land of flavors & we invent new recipes from the ore of food ingredients.
We serve savory & sweet dishes in combination with wines. The Eastend Bar makes the celebration memorable for a long time. The beautiful sitting arrangements, authentic flavors & well decorated dishes make you bite your nails.

Eat Italian, Drink Bold

Lamb is the most liked meat of the state. Thus, we have introduced a variety of lamb dishes. The taste of meat will take new to a different world. The fresh smell of spices make the guests feel hungry. Explore different cuisines while sitting in an Australian restaurant.

Fresh seafood goes well with drinks, hence we have introduced combo meals. We are a fine dine restaurant that serve taste that suit at large. Guest enjoy At-home feel while enjoying meal with their family & friends here.

You can try our chef special dishes because they use slow-cooking techniques, blend of fresh spices from across the world and home-grown vegetables which automatically enhance the taste of your food. Our concept is to celebrate food and that’s why we have created our ambience cosy and comfortable. People across Perth loved our restaurant because of delectable dishes, great service and perfect ambience.


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    Plan River Side Party

    Located on the bank of Swan River, our restaurant sets backdrop for a romantic dinner date. Bring in your partner for culinary extravaganza & be together forever. Try out variety of seafood & meat dishes with wine on the river shore. Commercial Property2sell assisted us in finding this beautiful restaurant, which is located on the nature’s lap. There you can find 500+ listings of commercial real estate in Perth, Western Australia in a few clicks.

    When it comes to tempting and delicious food, we believe in serving the most innovative recipes for you romantic dinner date. The hot yummy soups topped with meat pie give a fresh feel to the dinner date.
    We also organise the best food festivals in Australia where you can taste authentic Australian cusine and choose from a vast variety of entrées and main courses. Taste the best wine sources from the best parts of Australia and the world. The desserts garnished with rosemary make your dining experience complete. The scuttle sound of flowing river witness your joy & satisfaction of enjoy food. You can rely on us to provide a complete dining experience with engrossing ambience, delicious food, and excellent service.

    We, at the Eastend Bar, have a team of highly-experienced and trained chefs who love preparing multi-cuisines using freshly produced vegetables and well-grounded spices. The dine experience starts with delectable starters and then you can enjoy a range of dinner dishes. The unlimited drinks and vibrant ambience makes it an ideal place for treating your taste buds.

    We have a special team chef who believes in bringing different cultures around the world together and serve you through delicious dishes. If you are crazy about food and want to try something great, come reserve your table and enjoy your food with family and loved ones.

    With the unique concept of presenting different cultures via food, we always strive to do something exceptional for our customers. Apart from food and drinks, we make sure you will get a comfortable, clean and hygienic atmosphere. And that’s why we hire a professional cleaning company like Bond Cleaning in Perth which specialises in vacate cleaning Perth and commercial cleaning. They maintain the look and feel of our restaurant so that we can focus on other aspects related to the meals and drinks. You can reserve your table in advance and enjoy the lip-smacking food in an open air ambiance. We are open from evening to late night so call in advance for reservations.

    Explore Global Platter

    Australia is influenced from Mediterranean, Asian, British & Italian cuisine. Here, we offer you the best tasting pasta, breads, curries, noodles, burgers & meatball dishes. Try out reconstruction of the authentic dishes, loved by our patrons who are from various backgrounds like the CEO of a big company, the best Furniture Removalists in Perth and professionals from various fields. You will also enjoy the dishes made in these continents and we guarantee you will fall in love with our food.

    Wine & beer taste incredible when served with Asian cuisine. Explore the number of delicacies made from seafood & meat. The sushi rolls stuffed with kangaroo meat gives a touch of Australian cuisine to the dish. Try our fusion dishes that inter-mingle the taste of Australia and traditional dishes. These dishes are mouth-watering, innovative, and will leave you wanting more.

    Since our restaurant is located in an international city that has people from all communities, it is not surprising that we serve food from various cuisines. Thus, we have indigenous favourites plus a host of dishes from across the world. So, whether you want to eat something nostalgic or try something new, we have something to offer. We are the best place to dine-in with your friends, family or others. Feel free to join us for lunch or dinner during business hours and eat the most delicious food and have the best drinks in Perth. What are you waiting for? Come taste our food now!